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Add your unique touch to any item with custom embroidery. Our expert team can add custom embroidery to nearly any product including shirts, jackets, bags and more!

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Show your school spirit and proudly display your sport & academic achievements with custom letter jackets for your school colors and style.

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Create the perfect apparel with custom silk screening services. Our team can help you design the perfect design for your needs, even limited quantity projects!

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Recognize achievement for your team or business with trophies and awards for any occasion.

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Extend your branding to nearly any surface with a wide range of promotional products.

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Outfit your team for game time, practice time, and relaxation with uniforms, hats and accessories featuring your team logo and colors.

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Add your achievement to your letter jacket or other apparel with custom patches and lettering by the experts at The Locker Room Sporting Goods.

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Locker Room Sporting Goods

The Locker Room offers Custom Lettering, Embroidery, Silkscreening, T-shirts, Caps, Uniforms, Recognition Awards: Engraving, Trophies, Plaques, Ribbons, Medals, & Certificates Acrylics, Crystal. Promotional products: Pens, pencils, cups, bags etc: We do our own digitizing for your logo. Let us personalize your products for business and play!
Locker Room Sporting Goods
Locker Room Sporting Goods
anyone need cap boxes?? you are welcome to stop by the shop and pick up
Locker Room Sporting Goods
Locker Room Sporting Goods
Hello to all. Danville Little League uniforms delivered yesterday. If you need something please share with your coach who will share with Chris so he can share with me first thing Monday morning and
we can get everything taken care of. Have a great season!!
Locker Room Sporting Goods
Locker Room Sporting Goods
Happy Easter weekend, Safe travels to all coming back from Spring break!! We are going to be closed Friday April 2 and Saturday April 3rd.,. We still have plenty of t-shirts and hoodies 1/2 off
See you Monday.
Locker Room Sporting Goods
Locker Room Sporting Goods
Due to the weather, I will not be open for Ladies Night out. I will still have the special of 1/2 off t shirts and hoodies for another week. Be safe
Locker Room Sporting Goods
Locker Room Sporting Goods
The Locker Room will be open: 50% off all t shirts and hoodies. In stock only.
Locker Room Sporting Goods
Locker Room Sporting Goods
Banks and I spent most of one night this week wading through the cold waters of Cottle Creek, not too far from our house. We went in search of what locals here commonly refer to as a "sucker fish." They spawn this time of the year... moving up the rocky creeks to lay and fertilize eggs, so the next generation of suckers will be born.

Banks waded up the creek and thru the dark with nothing but a headlamp and a walking stick. I intentionally stayed behind her... occasionally she would look back to make sure I was relatively close. I always was.

She could always see me too... not because she had a light on her forehead, but because I had one also. She saw my light. I saw hers too.

Such is the case in all our relationships, is it not? Christians often reference "being a light" to others. I fear that too often, the use of the phrase is meant more to pacify rather than to encourage. "We are called to be the light," one Christian nice lady says to another... But how much more powerful is it to encourage someone when they are downtrodden... "remember, we are called to be the light, no matter our circumstance." Pacifying others with script is shallow... superficial... it is a dim bulb. On the other hand, being a light to someone in the darkest of dark places is never easy... and therefore, it is obvious that it comes from a place of love... and that is truly a bright light!

Paul wrote of being the light in all circumstances in Philippians 4:11-13.

"Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."

We often hear people refer to being the light so others will be drawn to Jesus. And as well we should hope to draw people to Him... but so often, that is not the case.

Our light is more complex than simply a singular focus as a beacon for Christ. Fact is... we can also lead the moth to the flame. Banks has followed my light almost her entire life. My prayer has always been that she would see the Light of the World in whatever light I project. But sometimes, my light has been a raging flame... and she was the moth in a dark room.

You see... we shine... we project light, in almost every circumstance. Trouble is, we even project during times of hardship and turmoil. At least... we project some light of some sort, to those closest to us. Banks has seen me at my worst. Banks has seen me lose my temper, lose my patience, express outrage and distrust, and so much more... she has seen all of those flames.

So have the people closest to you.

Paul found contentment in every situation... which suggests to me that though he had his thorn, he found a way to project Christ in surely all that he did. I have yet to master that accomplishment... I'm not sure anyone I know has.

But what of the lost... the new Christians... the young? What Light do they see in us? Is it the Light of Christ? Or perhaps, its a flame of vengeance towards an ex-husband? Or maybe a fire of zeal for personal accomplishment? Or an inferno of jealousy for a sibling? Or maybe... its some of each... and so many more.

Whatever the case may be, I know Banks sees my light... and she is following it. That's a heavy burden... to know that others see your light, from whatever source it comes, and they follow it.

Let us hope and pray that we light the pathway to Jesus... for a road anywhere else is just a road to perdition.

God bless...

This little light of mine... let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Happy Sabbath everyone. Enjoy your fellowship with the Father today. His light is perfect!

The Locker Room Sporting Goods